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For businesses we have two different plans:
-The Basic Plan which includes all the basic features of Ocean with customizable, and individual business pages, software to track sales and product, and the ability to link to social media accounts and other resources. The only “cost” with this plan is 10% of each sale, no hidden fees whatsoever. If your business does not sell, we will not charge you.
-The Premium Plan includes everything the basic plan does along with access to premium software like accounting tools, tax preparation, and so much more. All for $500 a month, and 10% of each sale.
For customers we charge no fees at this time to shop or purchase product! Take that Jeff Bezos.
We will break it down for you in a bullet-point list. Make sure you have all these pieces before registering and signing up to join.
-Your state’s business ID for your business (IRS Employer ID works as well)
-Preferably a business email address
-A strong password
-Your business’ bank account information
-An address or P.O box for products to ship to and from